Spelling Bee Competition 2019

The sixth class children  competed in the school round of Spelling Bee.  They were seated at the top of the room and were asked questions of various difficulty.  They were all excellent as they were asked tricky spellings. Seán Geraghty was the winner and went through to the Galway County Final which was held in […]

Soccer Blitz 2019

The 5th and 6th class went to Shiven Rovers FC for a soccer blitz. Despite the heavy rain and bad playing conditions they did really well. We are very proud of them representing the school.  A huge thank you to Ms Watson for all her training sessions and organising and managing them on the day. 

Scholastic Book Fair 2019

We held our annual Scholastic Book Fair from March 11th – 15th.  Books are supplied with mobile bookcases packed with the best books to help the children develop a life-long love of reading. This is an opportunity for parents and children to browse and purchase books if they wish.

Pancake Tuesday 2019

We had our usual pancake feast on Pancake Tuesday with the children enjoying their pancakes with a mix of their favourite toppings. 6th class did a great job of hosting the event. 

Food Dudes 2019

Our school has been taking part in the Food Dudes Healthy Eating Programme. We have received deliveries of fresh fruit and veg. to our school and won many Food Dude prizes for eating more fruit and veg. We are going to keep eating fruit and veg at lunch time to win certificates. 

Grandparents Day 2019

We had Grandparents Day on Tuesday 19th Feb in the school.   We had prayers from the children and Fr. Michael Byrnes P.P. It was great to meet the Grandparents of the children and we had a cuppa afterwards. It was a lovely morning. 

Egg Challenge

The Senior Room took the egg challenge. Given certain items, they had to design a jacket for an egg.  Ms. Ryan then dropped each teams egg from a height.  The successful team had to ensure their egg did not break.  We had one team out of four that won the challenge.   

Cake Sale 2019

Sixth class with Ms Watson held a cake sale to raise money for our school resources. They did a great job. 

Fire Safety Talk

Anne and Cormac came to talk to us form Portumna Fire Station about the dangers of fire in the home. We learned many safety precautions. We received a Membership Certificate as we completed the fire safety day with the Fire & Rescue Service and completed the Safety Team safety homework.     

Christmas Hamper Draw 2018

Again this year the Christmas Hamper Draw was a big success; it took part on the 21st of December.  Thanks to all who brought in items to fill them and who bought lines to raise money for the school resources. Congratulations to all the winners.